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ROK Straps – why they work

‘Click – Yank; Click – Yank’. That 5-second procedure is all it takes to securely mount a tailbag or duffle to your bike. The click of the plastic clips joining; an optional yank on the strap’s loose end to tension it … Continue reading

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XSR 700 Scrambler – ready for Morocco

• XSR 700 Scrambler index page Just flown back from a quick tour in Morocco and setting up the XSR for departure in a couple of days. It was handy pre-running my routes last week; despite recent heavy rains which … Continue reading

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Tested: Kriega Overlander S – OS-32

Kriega’s new Overlander-S is their second iteration of a luggage system suited to bike travel. A few years ago they brought out a similar plate-on-rack idea (below right) but, with modularity using their existing 15-litre packs (or Rotopax), which were semi-permanently riveted to the HDPE plate … Continue reading

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Tested: Giant Loop Fandango PRO Tank Bag

For my kind of riding I’ve not been a great fan of tankbags. When you get off the bike it’s another thing to unclip and lug around with you, along with your lid. For the stuff you can’t afford to lose I find … Continue reading

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Tested: Kriega Saddlebag Duo 36

See also; Kriega Overlander S – OS-32 The custom-retro scene is encroaching on the adventure biking boom. Bonnevilles now have more spin-offs than a Hadron Collider, Klim have a Belstaff-mimicking retro jacket in the works and Kriega have come out with the Saddlebag … Continue reading

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Tested: Kreiga R15 backpack + Hydrapak

Updated October 2018 The R15 is the smallest of Kriega’s six Rider Packs (right), excluding the Hydro 3, and comes with all the features you expect from Kriega gear. It’s pitched at the active off-roader not wanting to carry too … Continue reading

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Giant Loop Siskiyou Panniers – a close look

Giant Loop are well known for their innovative ‘horseshoe’ bags which wrap around the back of a dirt bike but which, in my opinion, are not especially easy to use day-in, day-out and have been proven not to be waterproof … Continue reading

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