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Tested: Mitas MC23 Rockrider tyre on WR250R

I had the luxury of having my WR trucked down to Malaga and back, so could afford to run street-legal knoblies for my Morocco update trip. The Mitas Rockrider MC23s were recommended by a mate and iirc, cost under £120 the pair. As always, … Continue reading

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Tested: Kriega Overlander S – OS-32

Kriega’s new Overlander-S is their second iteration of a luggage system suited to bike travel. A few years ago they brought out a similar plate-on-rack idea (below right) but, with modularity using their existing 15-litre packs (or Rotopax), which were semi-permanently riveted to the HDPE plate … Continue reading

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Tested: Giant Loop Fandango PRO Tank Bag

For my kind of riding I’ve not been a great fan of tankbags. When you get off the bike it’s another thing to unclip and lug around with you, along with your lid. For the stuff you can’t afford to lose I find … Continue reading

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Tested: Klim Outrider pants

Tested: Klim Outrider pants. Where: 3000km over a month in southern Morocco. UK price: £165 at Adventure Spec. See also: Klim Dakar ITB. • Usual Klim quality • Not plastered in Klim branding • Exterior knee armour easily removable • Can nearly pass as … Continue reading

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WR250R – ready for the desert

WR250R Index Page While in Morocco last year and not riding around on my WR250R, I left it with a list and a bunch of stuff with Karim, a desert bikey mate with a lavishly equipped garage and some spare time on his hands. Over the weeks … Continue reading

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Reviews – The Street Riding Years

  Buy Kindle on amazon  •  Buy paperback on amazon Recent mentions in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics and Classic Bike magazines March 23 – Amazon review I was pleased to see someone as young as 21 could get the book too.     … Continue reading

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Golden Tyre FTS tubeless tyres

As you may know, I’ve been experimenting and following various tubeless tyre solutions over the years as tubeless is the way to go on the long road. Why? because punctures – your most likely breakdown on the road – can be easily and reliably … Continue reading

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