Baja Gallery ~ KLX250, F800GS

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Mohave with KLX
KLX250S – Mountain & Desert
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After Mohave I rode down to Baja with Al Jesse on his F800 for a couple of days, among other things, trying out some new budget cases. More or less, we crossed at San Luis and rode through the irrigated delta down to Gonzo Bay, back up to Mike’s and back.

At Mike’s, some bikers rode up the regular way from the north, two-up on a KLR or F800. A fun, easy ride. And four GS12’s came in the hard way along El Coyote from the west. Eight miles took them some six hours. Three spent the night on the track and rolled in for breakfast. Pic on the right (from Rick Giroux) reminds me of my own USD BMW in Algeria’s Hoggar mountains in 1985. Two nights later the Sahara finished that bike off.

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