The Best Adventure Tyres: 2019

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AR-mite07ARhidScouThe image below compares the tread on the best-known, currently available do-it-all adv tyres. Along with price, it’s  often the first thing we look at when choosing a tyre. They include the best do-it-all adventure biking tyres suited to travel in the AMZ where the road infrastructure can be irregular. Over the years I’ve tried about half of them.
bartWhen an unfinished highway turns to dirt, or is washed-out by floods or under repair for miles, these are the tyres that’ll give you confidence. And along with their all-road attributes, the great thing about these tyres is that with many, 10,000 miles is easily possible from a rear, while still behaving predictably on wet roads. That matters as much if not more as dirt road grip when replacements aren’t easy to find and carrying a spare is a pain.
R-MtzEnd1AR-K60All are clearly oriented towards the road – some much more than others; but they have deeper and wider gaps between the blocks than road tyres. As I found the other week, the difference between a road-style Anakee and do-it-all Mitas or Metzelers is that slippage sooner turns to grip on roads sprinkled with loose gravel, or when on dry dirt tracks. In deep sand or mud some won’t be much better than a road tyre unless you drop the air pressure right down.
3310 - 9xsr7-1Judged on looks alone, I’d designate a few like the Dunlop D605, Anakee Wild and Motoz Rall Z at 70/30 road/dirt, but most are in my opinion 80/20 or less, despite manufacturers’ bold claims. In terms of actual mileages covered, I suspect 80/20 is still a higher ratio of dirt to road than most long overland trips cover, but like other ‘all-terrain’ aspects of an adventure bike (big wheels, wide bars, low gearing; good clearance), when you need any of that you’re glad it’s there.amw-allroad-tyres