Quick ride: AJP PR7 review


ajp2Had a short road blat on an AJP PR7 at the Overland show on the weekend and must say, I was impressed. I’ve been aware of these bikes for a couple of years, but looks like 2019 was the year they officially hit the shops.
Looks very well put together and finished, exuding an air of toughness, quality and design integrity which I found lacking in the SWM SuperDual 650X I also tried (same red top six-speed ex-Husky TE630 motor). However, the ~184-kilo SWM (below) costs £1500 less so it’s still a contender.
The ajppSamsung tablet idea might be interesting. It wasn’t online but I think the idea is you plug in your Garmin to display big via the screen – or it has built-in GPS and you load maps on it, plus it must hook up with mobile signals to run online maps? There’s a USB or two on there too. The main dash pod looks like a clone of a Trail Tech Voyager.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe 600-cc engine has loads of smooth OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApower for the claimed 48hp (some say 58; there’s a fierce  ’60-hp’ version, too), but it and the gearbox were much less harsh than I expected. I got up to 60 before I realised I was still in 4th (been riding an auto lately) and I briefly saw 80 in top where I noted the screen worked very well.  By comparison the thick but too steeply raked 650X screen (below) felt very in-my-face.
swm650x.jpgThough it was 920mm high and narrow, I also preferred the flat seat to the stepped one Superdual X, even if it was 30mm lower. Amazingly, I can’t say vibration was at all intrusive on either bike, but then it did all pass by in a bit of a blur.
The PR7 feels light too for the claimed 165kg tanked up (again, been riding a 235-kilo NC)The fuel OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfiller is now in a more conventional position compared to the 250 AJPs, but the 17-litre tank remains low and out of the way under the seat, like 650 and 800 BMWs (and an NC, as it happens).
ajp3With only 1.8 litres of oil in the engine, service intervals are 5000km (5500 on the SWM) which include valve checks, but aajjjps you can see on the right (click to enlarge) a few people have already done long overland trips on PR7s.
Price is a hefty £8500 (alongside the SuperDual’s £7k). It’s the same as an XT700, true, but this bike would be a whole lot more fun and much easier to ride in the desert or Far Eastern Russia, for example. Can’t see it being as amazingly economical as the 690/701s – I bet part of the engine’s smoothness is it doesn’t run too lean, but you can consider it an alternative to the two Austrian bikes. It sure looks better.



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3 Responses to Quick ride: AJP PR7 review

  1. Ian says:

    Thanks Chris,
    I have had my eye on this bike for a while and is likely to be my next purchase. I would love to get your thoughts on the ratio spread in the gearbox. Some people are changing 5th and 6th gears from the SWM to get a wide ratio box. Do think this is necessary?

    • Chris S says:

      Hi Ian, I’m afraid I didn’t ride it long enough to be able to tell. I suppose the PR7 is pitched more as a rally racer than trail bike like the SuperDual which might explain the rationale behind closer ratios. But I got the feeling it would sit at 70 with power to spare and no excessive vibes.
      Depends what or how you will be riding. The Ozzie bloke on Adv who changed his ratios
      sounds more of a dirt biker than traveller.

  2. Mik says:

    Plastic hand guards? Hardly call that protection. Wjy no Barkbusters at that price?
    I always feel that shortcuts taken on obvious things could mean other shortcuts on unseen thing. No ta

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