Street Riding Years 1978

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Nineteen 78: following a couple of loathsome MZs resulting in my first SMIDSY and hospitalisation, I get a gorgeously cool brand new T140V Bonneville for 900 quid – my first proper bike.
I go rocking climbing in North Wales and start despatching in London. Only for a year, mind, just until I get a proper job.

Strikes (firemen, Ford, bakers, BBC, Times, etc), Jonestown, unemployment post-war record high, Ripper, Charlie Chaplin’s coffin stolen, Callaghan, Georgi Markov Waterloo bridge, Evita, more strikes, O Levels and CSEs scrapped, NVT liquidated, Sex Pistols disband, Amoco Cadiz, Aldo Moro, Carter ditches neutron bomb, Keith Moon o/ds, dictatorship ends in Spain.


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