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WR250R – ready for the desert

WR250R Index Page While in Morocco last year and not riding around on my WR250R, I left it with a list and a bunch of stuff with Karim, a desert bikey mate with a lavishly equipped garage and some spare time on his hands. Over the weeks … Continue reading

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Golden Tyre FTS tubeless tyres

As you may know, I’ve been experimenting and following various tubeless tyre solutions over the years as tubeless is the way to go on the long road. Why? because punctures – your most likely breakdown on the road – can be easily and reliably … Continue reading

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At the 2016 NEC bike show

At this year’s Motorcycle Live bike show at the NEC I had a chance to see the bikes I speculated over a couple of weeks back from Milan’s EICMA. This is what caught my eye. The Honda CRF250L Rally (left and right) was attracting … Continue reading

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Husqvarna 701 quick review

The first generation Husky 701 is a slightly toned down KTM 690: a bit less power, less fierce delivery and less suspension travel with different settings – but still plenty to be getting on with. Possibly excepting SWM’s hefty Super Dual (based on the … Continue reading

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News from Milan: lightweight or just small capacity?

Milan’s 2016 EICMA bike show saw the emergence of several new ‘lightweight adventure bikes’, as some of the biking media have been describing them. Me, I’d sooner call them ‘small-capacity adventure-styled’ bikes between 250 and 400cc. In some cases they’ve mini versions of established models, a … Continue reading

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Tested: Kreiga R15 backpack + Hydrapak

The R15 is the smallest of Kriega’s six Rider Packs (right), excluding the Hydro 3, and comes with all the features you expect from Kriega gear. It’s pitched at the active off-roader not wanting to carry too much on their … Continue reading

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A weekend of WRing in Wales

WR250R Index Page I haven’t been trail biking in Wales since my 20s. Makes me wonder what I’ve been doing all these years. Part of the reason is I’ve not had a bike worth riding up there, and then there’s the issue of untangling where … Continue reading

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