WR-ing about in Morocco – 1/9

WR250R 4000-km review
WR Introduction
WR250R Stage 1
WRing about in Wales
WR250R ready for the desert
Morocco trip report, 1–9
Fuel log

A trip report from March 2017 while updating my Morocco Overland book.
It got very hot in the desert for a while which wore me right out, but I rested in Tan Tan where it cooled off for a few days, so I dived back in before the heat came back for good.

This time I used Fly & Ride to get the 250 to Malaga.
Didn’t fancy Spain at 57mph. Works out cheaper too when you add it all up. Done trans-Spain enough times.

Gales meant the ferry took over an hour to dock at TanMed, and next day was miserable – down to 45 in 4th at times. But there’s no quick way to get south as nothing was going to Nador. I try Airbnb and find this lost resort up a valley near Bzou.

I inadvertently gatecrash a Berber soiree. No room at the inn so he feeds me and puts me up down the road.

My first tajeeen of twenty-seventeeen.

Next day I got my bike back – pootling though the springtime Middle Atlas without fighting gales and showers and trucks. 95mpg thankyouverymuch.

I take the old Demnate route over the High Atlas. Last did it on the XT660Z in 2008

The road deteriorates in places. Lots of landslides. Near zero traffic.

I pop out on the south side overlooking the headwaters of the Oued Draa near Ouarzazate. There’s a huge new solar farm down there.

After some fumbling about, I pick up a new piste from Ouarzazate to Tazenacht.

Nice colours on the ford

Next day another new piste I’ve been wanting to unravel for ages. Olaf map is confusing, but an old man in a village puts me straight
Wildflowers are out.

I’ll take the odd mast over photo-bombing telegraph lines any day

The ruins of Assaka ksar.

No Canoeing? Shame.

Perfect lunch at Foum Zguid roadhouse

A good morning’s work – but it is now as hot as.

I check out a flash place for a future tour, then head into FZ for my reliable cheapy: 16 quid half board √

At 14-47 my bike is over geared even on the road, and my weight and wide pans don’t help.
But the flat wheel wrench won’t fit – who’d have thought? – so I nip into town to blag a 27 socket as there’s gnarlier dirt to come…

Part 2  > > >

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