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Here’s a thought: a CRF300L has roughly the same power and weight as an XT500, which was a de facto choice 40 years ago. Factor in comfort, reliability, and [far superior] fuel economy – and by implication fuel needed – do we have a modern equivalent?
Ian T (300L owner)

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I’ve finally cracked and got myself a CRF300L, just like everyone else. One factor is a need for a lithe trail bike to log a mass of new routes in Morocco for my guidebook. A spell of bad weather across the south of Morocco in February cut masses of tracks and roads and led to catastrophic tomato shortages in the UK. Setting off in a rental fourbie the following week with a long list to tick off, we turned back from mashed tracks several times a day. Some of these blockages could have negotiated on a light bike, even if the job of carefully logging tracks is harder.

Why not a snazzy looking Rally with its useful screen and a 12.8-litre tank? I tried one briefly last year but it seems people who are serious about trail riding choose the cheaper, lighter more popular and much less plastic-clad 300L which they can ‘Rallyfy’ as much as needed (screen; tank) for less than the 700-quid premium.

My last bike was an Africa Twin which I knew wasn’t my thing but I thought I ought to pay lip service the ‘giant adventure bike’ phenomenon. I devised a trip within its abilities but was reminded of the obvious: unless you’re a talented young buck and despite what the adverts depict, why pretend a quarter-ton tank is any kind of useable on all but the smoothest gravel tracks? You just spend the day thinking: ‘Looks interesting up there but I better not risk it…’.

After my March 2023 Morocco fly-in tours, I did a few days solo on a 310GS. I must have done 15,000 kms on these rental hacks on my Morocco lap but it’s a busman’s holiday on these nippy road road bikes which don’t exactly set an unexplored trail on fire.
I like to think that while a 300L will be a bit slower tapped out on the desert highway, it will make the trails a lot more fun and less tiring, which also adds up to less risk roaming around alone down there.

After blundering about on the internet looking for L in all the wrong places, a mate pointed out a well fettled example just 50 miles down the road. With <1000 miles on the clock, it also had nearly all of my preferred essentials fitted (barks, bash, easy-grab tube rack, Renthals), as well as Rally Raid suspension and even a nifty screen. It even still smells new.
A pile of spares included the original chain and sprockets. The seller (second owner) had done just 300 miles before he accepted it was still just too tall for him, despite a thinned down seat. He’s after a Beta Alp 200 next.

I think I’ll need that seat padding back (a Cool Cover with a slab of foam underneath, like I did on the Him) as well as a return to stock 14/40 or near-stock gearing (currently tree-climbing 13/45) before I take it down to Morocco and leave it there for a while. I just re-read my quick impression on the 300 Rally last year, noting the low 1st; overdrive 6th was a clever spread of gears. One thing that’ll need addressing: the 7.8-litre / 230km fuel tank. An Acerbis 14-litre is on order.
More to come.

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