Street Riding Years 1983

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Most of 1983 was spent dicking about in Australia; not raising the money to become a commercial diver.
I bought DR250; a GS450, some gold dust off a prospector and picked a lot of fruit in northern Queensland. Few people know how close we came to World War 3 that year. Just before I left Sydney I mistakenly took a pill which would soon be known as an ‘E’, and also clocked the new XT600Z Tenere in a Parramatta bike shop. The future looked bright.
Back in Gower Street, London, I pass a diving course but fail the medical. I write off a pair of sprightly RS250s and buy a lovely XS650.
More great music and more great films: The Big Chill; The Hunger; Stop Making Sense; Rumblefish; The Right Stuff.


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