About Adventure Motorcycling Handbook 8

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In 2020 the full-colour 8th edition of the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook was published. In print for nearly 30 years, hard though it is to believe, with ninety extra pages, the fully revised new edition is even more comprehensive.

Planning: when, where and how. Documents, fuel costs, carnets, money, seasons, insurance, currencies, travel companions, rentals.

Which Bike?
What makes a good travel motorcycle? It’s all broken down forensically to help you pin down the bike that suits your needs. Rated: over two dozen of the most-used travel bikes from 250 to 1290.

Modification & Preparation
Loads and loads of ideas and advice in getting your bike ready for the big trip. Luggage, racks, protection, filters, cooling, long-range fuel, tyres and wheels, clothing, seats, screens, better lighting, suspension, tyre repairs, kit lists, spares and more.

Life on the Road 
Dealing with culture shock, borders, communications and satellite tracking, shipping and air freight, police trouble, changing money, black market, bribes, camping gear, navigation, wild camping, off-road riding, health and first aid, fault diagnosis, road accidents and what to do when things go wrong.

Continental Route Outlines
Latin America, Asia and Africa: the Adventure Motorcycling Zone (‘AMZ’) with best borders as well as vital consulate locations, ferries, fuel costs and other information.

Trip Reports and guidance from an intrepid array of adventurous world travellers including Steph Jeavons, Lois Pryce, Noraly Schoenmaker and Tim and Marisa Notier.

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6 thoughts on “About Adventure Motorcycling Handbook 8

  1. Nick Thompson

    Hi Chris
    I agree with Alvaro comments. e-book would be great. I’ve been taking photos on my phone of various useful pages. To have this in e-format would be really practical. Keep up the great work

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chris S Post author

      Hi Emran, subject is the same, content covers the same topics (and more) but every line has been updated if necessary: new bikes, new gear, new ideas, new routes, more detail, all colour, new trip reports + 90 extra pages. The only thing that hardly changed (apart from coronavirus guidance) is the Health chapter written by a doctor. For the extra fiver edition 8 is a no-brainer.


        1. Alvaro

          Hi Chris! Will it be available in ebook format anytime? I have preordered the paper version at amazon anyway, but I think it would be very helpful to have the ebook version for travelling, thank you very much!


          1. Chris S Post author

            Hi Alvaro, thanks for your order ;-)
            I agree and have been suggesting an ebook version to the publisher for months. All I can advise is you and other people do the same.



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