The best do-it-all Adventure Motorcycling Tyres

AR-mite07ARhidScouThe tyres selected below are do-it-all adventure biking tyres suited to travel in the AMZ where the road infrastructure may be irregular. When an unfinished highway turns to dirt, or is washed out by floods or under repair for miles, these are the tyres that’ll give you confidence on the dirt. And along with their all-road attributes, the great thing about these tyres is that with many, 10,000 miles is easily possible from a rear, while still behaving reliably on wet roads. That matters as much as dirt road grip when replacements aren’t easy to find and carrying a spare is a pain.

R-MtzEnd1AR-K60All are clearly oriented towards the road, but with deeper and wider gaps between the blocks than road tyres to grip on loose surfaces like gravel roads. In loose sand or mud some won’t be much better than a road tyre unless you drop the air pressure.

3310 - 9I’d designate a few xsr7-1at 70/30 road/dirt, but most are in my opinion 80/20, despite manufacturers’ bold claims. In actual odometre mileage terms, I suspect this is still a higher ratio of dirt than most regular overland trips, but like other ‘all-terrain’ aspects of an adventure bike (big wheels, wide bars, low gearing), when you need them you’re glad they’re there.

The image below shows most of the popular models to help you compare tread patterns – very often the first thing we look at when choosing a tyre. I’ve tried mor than half of them over the years.

See also Road tyres and Off-Road tyres.


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