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A month in Morocco

All over for this year’s one-weekers in the Moroccan High and Anti Atlas. Now sitting in a Marrakech hotel room signing off AMH7 before it heads to the printers. Surprisingly we had our first actual break down: a XR250 blew a counter … Continue reading

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CB500X Rally Raid ready to roll

CB500X RR Index page Tubeless Conversion Index Page Just a couple of days before I’m off and I’ve finally got the CB-X converted to full Level III spec at Rally Raid. I started the job at home by fitting the clever drop top clamp, precision milled … Continue reading

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Looking for Adventure: CB500X or MT-07

A few months ago I had a brief ride on Nick Plumb’s XTZ1200 (left). It was only a few miles but the creamy smooth pulse of the big, lazy engine was spellbinding. It took me back 36.6 years to my old Ducati  (right). In … Continue reading

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Honda CRF250L Project bike

Skip to the start: SW USA – Mile Zero  –  Skip to the end: 3200-mile review Following my UK test ride on the CRF a few weeks later I bought a lightly used one blind off San Diego Craigslist and got … Continue reading

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