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BMW GS310s still in Morocco

More about Morocco tours See also: G310GS 2200km review G310GS first ride in Morocco Three groups did a similar 1200-km loop, mostly on G310Gs all with around 30,000 rental kms on the clock. The 310 engines and finish are still … Continue reading

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Trail Biking Tours in southern Morocco

An easy introduction to small-group, backroad trail biking in Morocco, suited to seasoned road riders with little or no off-road riding experience. Your time is maximised by flying in and renting a bike before heading out over the Atlas mountains … Continue reading

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BMW G310GS in Morocco – 2200km review

Updated summer 2019 Read the April 2018 test ride for more background detail In April 2018 a couple of us tested two brand new but modified rental G310GSs in the High Atlas, alongside one of the aged XR250 Tornados these bikes were … Continue reading

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BMW G310GS: first ride in Morocco [video]

  310GS reappraisal a few months later In a line Great-looking mini GS that’s not at all bad for what it is, but don’t kid yourself it’s anything other than a 30-hp road-bike motor packed into a 170-kilo bike. Note: … Continue reading

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At the 2016 NEC bike show

At this year’s Motorcycle Live bike show at the NEC I had a chance to see the bikes I speculated over a couple of weeks back from Milan’s EICMA. This is what caught my eye. The Honda CRF250L Rally (left and right) was attracting … Continue reading

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News from Milan: lightweight or just small capacity?

Milan’s 2016 EICMA bike show saw the emergence of several new ‘lightweight adventure bikes’, as some of the biking media have been describing them. Me, I’d sooner call them ‘small-capacity adventure-styled’ bikes between 250 and 400cc. In some cases they’ve mini versions of established models, a … Continue reading

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BMW G310R – the new X-range?

Could 2016’s BMW G310R be the start of a new, mini X-bike range? Search me, but when the 650Xs (below) came out in 2007, we got the ‘enduro’ X-Challenge, a city scrambling X-Country and the motardy X-Moto. I ran an XCountry for … Continue reading

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