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BMW GS310s still in Morocco

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Three groups did a similar 1200-km loop, mostly on G310Gs all with around 30,000 rental kms on the clock. The 310 engines and finish are still great in mostly dry Morocco, gearboxes work fine, but neutral is hard to select (as it was on the old Tornados) and the shock damping is not what it was (which was never that much). There are no leaks from the USDs and for wear and tear, that’s about it. The worse mpg was 75, best was an amazing 112 or 39kpl. We got 12 litres into the supposed 11-litre tank with ‘1km’ indicated on the range.

Bike problems over a cumulative ‘21,000km’ (1200 x 3 x 6) included a persistent flat battery on the same bike which we deduced must be down to an intermittent electrical fault somewhere, probably as a result of vibration from rough tracks. There were no punctures on the Mitas Terra Force TL tyres and one smashed front wheel from an unlucky fall which smacked into a square-edged rock. Oh, and another sidestand failure (a known 310 weak point and new frame warranty) literally coming to a halt back in the garage and even though they’ve been strengthened.
So at this rate the 310s seem to be keeping up well with the old XR250 Tornados, but perhaps that’s because renters don’t take them onto the tracks the which Honda could manage easily.

CB500X – a month in Morocco

All over for this year’s one-weekers in the Moroccan High and Anti Atlas. Now sitting in a Marrakech hotel room signing off AMH7 before it heads to the printers. Surprisingly we had our first actual break down: a XR250 blew a counter sprocket seal just ten minutes from the rental place in Marrakech.
Now the stand is replaced and suspension is getting dialled in the Rally Raid CB500X didn’t miss a beat and was recording up to 85mpg at XR-speeds, but could sure use a jet wash. The rain in Spain (that falls mainly on the plain) will probably see to that.

Was ready and equipped to go to Mauritania, but sounds like the border with Morocco has gone rogue, making it an expensive proposition for what would have been a limited look-around on my own. I’m sure it’ll all be there next time.

Perfect weather this time in Morocco – not a cloud in the sky. First one warm, next one a bit chillier in the High Atlas.
Planning new routes for next year and heading off to the High Atlas tomorrow to dig up something with the same fly-in; gas, food & lodging format as Anti Atlas. Plus maybe a Western Sahara for early 2017. This will be desert camping with 4WD support.
More news shortly – for the moment click this or the image below to scan the full slide show on the other site.