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Recent mentions in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics and Classic Bike magazines

March 23 – Amazon review
I was pleased to see someone as young as 21 could get the book too.




March 10 – Review by Martin Round

In true vintage motorcycle style you need to give this book time to warm up before you get the best out of it. You tickle the carburettor on Scott’s early passion for bikes but it takes a while to kickstart into the world of despatch riding where the stories start to race like an urgent organ transplant delivery.
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January 31 ~ Interview in Bike magazine

in Motorcycling is about curiosity, experimentation and yup, adventure…  an engrossing insight into a bygone and edgier age of motorcycling.

January 5 ~ Ride magazine and Austin Vince have their say
It’s the best book of any sort I’ve read for about five years, not just the best book involving bikes.’
Austin Vince, Adventure Film Maker



January 5 ~ from Mark Williams – co-founder of Bike magazine
Scott’s reminiscences will resonate fondly with many of us who cut our biking teeth in an era he sometimes waspishly, often with painful accuracy recalls in great and highly readable detail.

January 1 ~ Email from a reader
I’ve just finished reading Adventures in Motorcycling, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Thanks for writing such a well written and extremely entertaining book. If I have any criticism to make, it’s that you’ve now added to the growing list of old nails I routinely search through eBay for!


December 17 ~ Review from Survival Skills Motorcycle Training

It’s a fast-paced, insightful and occasionally controversial look at a long-gone anarchic lifestyle that somehow survived state control and the SPG. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, chucking and laughing my way though some of the wry observations of a time I remember only too well… Get it, read it, and enjoy the sound of life and bikes in the 1980s.

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ecember 15 ~ Review from Biker Glory

Long before Ewan and Charlie, before Mondo Enduro – in fact before pretty much everyone bar the legendary Ted Simon – there was Chris Scott. But let’s put this into perspective: almost since the genesis of motorcycling, people have headed off astride the old iron horse for parts unknown. The difference being that way back in the day, no one bothered writing about it….

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December 13 ~ Review in South East Biker magazine Dec-Jan 2015 issue

Chris writes in an entertaining and articulate style, managing to combine a comprehensive history of the era’s bikes with a taste for the music, culture and turbulent political scene… It’s a motorbike trip with a difference, a journey through an era, where the characters are as much the bikes as the people involved.

I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who rode back then… or those who would like an insight to what are now the ‘good old days.’

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December 12 ~ ‘Five stars for bikers’ according to The Londonist

Our second courier to trouble the word processor this month is Chris Scott. Scott’s adventures round the city by motorbike range from the hilarious to the dangerous to the painful, with plenty of bumps and bounces along the way…

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November 30 ~ Review from Ants BK, author A Short Ride in the Jungle

Pithy, witty, informative, excellently written – a rip-roaring ride through the culture, music and bikes of the eighties

November 27 ~ Review from Motorcycle Explorer Magazine

Two questions answered in definitive fashion in this part autobiography written by the man who wrote Adventure Motorcycling Handbook, better known as ‘The Bible’. How does someone end up writing an adventure book and what life was like in booming 80s London when you have nowhere to live and no idea what you want to do other than ride motorbikes as fast as possible to avoid the odd riot!


September 24  ~ London Bikers spreads the word.

They’ll be reviewing the book later. . .

 September 10

In the US, Adv Moto Magazine previewed Adventures in Motorcycling.



The Rider’s Digest – autumn 2016 issue


As a writer, Scott is an accomplished raconteur, with a journalist’s ear and eye for the telling detail. He’s incapable of telling a dull story as he is of writing a dull sentence. His off-beat take on life and its indignities is balanced by a rather droll British quirk of exaggerating the minor points or issues and minimising major ones. … Despatching Through 80s London is a collage of brilliant anecdotes. [that] captures the spirit of the time and place perfectly.

Jonathan Boorstein

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