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Gonzo versus the Onesies

gonzobeanzThis Hurricane Gonzo seems to be taking a while to clear the area. It’s been so windy in the UK that yesterday for the first time more power was generated by wind farms than nuclear power stations. Must be all those beanz eaten by the greens. Though right against a wall, the X bike still got blown over by a gust which also blew my boat out of the park. And twice I’ve had to retrieve the rain cover pressed hard against a deer fence on the other side of the field.
I’ve lavished the BMW with ACF-50 rustbut actually as long as it’s more vertical than horizontal, a spell in fresh rain washes off any rain-bound salt sprayed off the Minch. Ferrous or otherwise, rust never sleeps up here, as the two bike racks on the right testify. I only bought them two months ago!
rukredFaced with the long ride south before an even longer run to Morocco, it’s good to have clothing like my prized retro Rukka  waterproof (left) in which I can confidently face two days of 60mph autumnal showers. It waterproof alright, but it’s only PVC cloth so not especially good against the wind chill.

rukplugProblem is how to run the Aerostich electric vest with the Rukka without wires coming out my trouser leg. The answer: a Powerlet Luggage Electrix Connector (left) normally powerletused for powering/ recharging gadgets stashed in your tank bag. Melt a few tactical holes in the Rukka, then screw it on with some Aquaseal for good measure (right)

AustinimogulWith my snug Gul fleece onesie (left), I expect this set up to get me nominated for the Bake Off TV show. It may not get you invited to the best parties (unless you’re the celebrated sartorial unitarian, Austinimo, right), but it eliminates a two-piece’s heat sapping overlap and associated cold spot around the critical kidneys, while stopping you packing on so many layers you feel like a turkey trussed up for Christmas. That creates a feeling of comfort which induces relaxation and so defers fatigue and rhythm-ruining pee stops. (I think I’ve just hypnotised myself).

With my double onesie combo and heated jacket I can turn on, plug in but not chill out on winter’s long road.