Adventure Motorcycling Handbook 2020

Welcome to the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook (#AMH) website. Right now – or in a few months’ time – will be the best time to be into travel bikes and I’ve been doing just that since 1982. I’m the guy who coined the term ‘adventure motorcycling’ in the late 1990s. For more about me, click this.

#AMH8 reaches UK shops in early August
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Otherwise, there’s plenty to read here without pre-ordering anything. Back in 1981, my very first travel bike was a Yamaha XT500 (left) and lately, each year I’ve run a project bike which interests me. See the ‘Bikes‘ menu above. I had one of the first Rally Raid CB500Xs, then adapted a Yamaha XSR 700. For 2019 I used Enfield’s Himalayan and in 2020 picked up an Africa Twin for a desert trip. Unfortunately it’s still there.

m3acoverdtsryI write other books on the same theme: the 3rd edition of Morocco Overland (left) covers roads and tracks in Morocco’s Atlas mountains and Saharan fringe. Buy Morocco 3 discounted.
Desert Travels is a Sahara travelogue spanning my early years on XTs as well as my first disastrous desert tour. And my urban memoirs from the 1980s: The Street Riding Years (right) was RIDE magazine’s ‘Book of the Year’.

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