Adventure Bike Reviews: 1982–2020

I’m currently on bike #63, a 2019 Africa Twin. Over the years I’ve been loaned a few others and test-ridden a couple more. Below are the travel bikes covered on this website. Click an image to read more.

albik-xtvc-1 albik-XTjumper  albik-xr400r albik-gs-side1 albik-at99 albik-ajp1 albik-fund albik-mt07 albik-tddm1 albik-xco albik-xadvdirt albik-t140v albik-mitaspiste albik-700-6 albik-650L-onaplane albik-klx1-14 albik-wrr  albik-xt60-6 albik-87-tenere albik-rx3s albik-gs-side1 albik-vers albik-hs07 albik-cb4-11 albik-310r-14 at-header albik-him4k-10  albik-ubconz3-1 albik-xsr7-1 albik-tenten albik-torn albik-rallylabel albik-bmwF650 albik-GSRjet albik-XRL65 mash-11 mich-ender OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA albik-xT555