Gorge Riders (dvd)


In between updating the AM Handbook, I also covered the remoter corners of Australia for Rough Guides – and the ironstone gorges of the Hamersley Ranges in northwestern Australia are the setting for this film.

Staying behind the camera this time, I followed Jeff aboard his ratty ex-African HPN Boxer, and Bob and Danielle – halfway through an RTW honeymoon on their fully-kitted R1150GS.

locationsWhen flooded tracks nearly drown the 1150, Bob and Jeff continued on the HPN. Then that too is left behind as the duo undertook a thrilling and irreversible descent into the freezing gorges of Karajini where the duo found themselves inside a rarely seen wonderland of shoulder-wide chasms, hidden waterfalls and flooded canyons bounded by towering red cliffs.

The dvd cover shot was among the ‘Action’ prize winners at the Kendal MA Festival 2005 (left) and the canyoneering adventure was also featured in Rough Guides’ 25 Ultimate Experiences.